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  • 24/7 available
  • Delivery outside NL
  • Free 'art at home' simulation
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LOVE FOR ART - online art gallery

A work of art should arouse your curiosity. A successful work of art has a certain nuance. It makes you think 'what am I looking at?' and then suddenly you see it. The artwork that is sold through Modern Dutch Art is art that is touching and that you would like to look at more often.

Modern Dutch Art is an online art gallery that originated from a love for modern art. An environment where artists of modern art and art lovers are brought together.

With us you will find a work of art that suits you. Beautiful encounters also regularly arise, for example when an artist personally delivers his or her work of art to your home together with the gallery owner and gives it a permanent place with you.

A work of art should speak for itself

Art often allows us to experience the world better. This is because the artist links an emotion to that world, with form, colour, texture or, for example, music. When it really comes from within, art speaks a clear language. Most works of art contain a whole life. It is often the result of a search; a long road that is not visible but can be felt. The image is the starting point: it must touch. Color areas, structures and lines can have a different effect on someone, either separately or in combination.

"When it really comes from within, art speaks a clear language"

Our art collection

Modern art emerged at the beginning of the 20th century and shows us a transformation, prompted by the invention of photography. It was no longer about the representation of reality, but about capturing the essence, the feeling and the form.

Our art collection consists of works of art by contemporary Dutch artists who are inspired by representatives of modern art movements, such as Karel Appel, Corneille, Kees van Dongen, Piet Mondriaan and of course Vincent van Gogh.

The artists affiliated with Modern Dutch Art have earned their spurs in the art world. They followed a classical art education or are self-taught and all share a deep passion and enthusiasm for modern art.

Online gallery

Modern Dutch Art is an online gallery. We do not have a physical store. This is because we believe that art should be accessible and affordable for everyone.

We stand for these values:

  • Love - it all started with love for art
  • Trust - basis for art online purchase
  • Authenticity - authentic works that (can) touch your soul
  • Self-knowledge - through art you get to know yourself
  • Happiness - what art can bring

Every art object deserves to be exhibited. Our goal is therefore to have a work of art get a nice place in your home, so that you can enjoy it every day. We personally deliver the art objects to your home (if possible together with the artist) and, if you wish, we can also place them for you.

Art has no absolute value. The size and the material do not really matter: only when it attracts, and when you like it, does it have value. Yet we cannot ignore prices at Modern Dutch Art either. Artists at Modern Dutch Art determine their prices themselves.

Difficult to determine online whether a work of art suits you and your home? We offer a free sample photo of the artwork on your wall. This way you get a good impression before purchasing. Of course you can also see the work of art in real life in the artist's studio or request a trial placement before purchasing.

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